When using the inspect.js script with the Create app active you are likely to unexpectedly duplicate entities. This is because the Create app re-uses the Alt key to duplicate entities.

Option A: Change the Create app to use Ctrl+mouse-down to duplicate entities (instead of Alt+mouse-down), and not do anything for Alt+mouse-down

Option B: Change the Create app to use Shift+mouse-down to duplicate entities (instead of Alt+mouse-down), and the Ctrl key to toggle the display the “railroad” axes (instead of the Shift key), and not do anything for Alt+mouse-down.

Option C: Add a menu option to the Create app’s menu items, “Duplicate entities with Ctrl instead of Alt”, and make inspect.js also read the menu setting and use the key that Create isn’t using. (I.e., toggle between current behaviour and option A.)


The inspect.js script uses the Alt key plus Ctrl and Shift combinations to orbit and pan the camera about any entity or avatar – the same control scheme as Second Life. (This control scheme is likely to be second nature to people who have come from Second Life.)

- Alt + mouse up/down: zooms in / out.

- Alt + mouse left/right: orbits left / right.

- Alt + Ctrl + mouse up/down/left/right: orbits over / under / left / right.

- Alt + Ctrl + Shift + mouse up/down/left/right: pans down / up / right / left.

Unfortunately, the Create app uses the Alt key to duplicate entities.

While the “official” inspect.js isn’t so useful for positioning the camera while using the Create app because the view snaps back to first person when the Alt key is released, 3rd party versions of inspect.js leave the camera where it is which is much more convenient for editing. (In the 3rd party versions, to snap back to first person, the user can press Esc or move their avatar.) Which raises another option to perhaps do in addition to one of the above …

Option D: Update inspect.js with some of the improvements that 3rd parties have made to the script. In particular, the Fox Essentials (Cutelab) version has collected together various improvements from a number of people, including the CtrlAltStudio improvements.