a) adjust the display plugin to resolve the "grey stripe issue"

In my Pimax5K+ a grey stripe covers the right half of my right eye's vision, i.e. it's split into a light and a dark area by a crisp vertical line.

Inside the grey stripe avatars & objects near to me do render, but I'm looking at them as if I was wearing dark sunglasses.

What doesn't render inside the grey stripe are animations (i.e. the animated objects not only do not move but vanish as such), textures of objects further apart as well as smaller objects which are far away. Also fancy embellishments like lights, shadows & haze encounter rendering problems there.

My new computer (i9 / 2080ti) should be able to handle this...

Piper has suggested to scale the aspect ratio in the display plugin from 16:9 to the Pimax's (2x2560):1440 resolution.


b) enable trackers callibration even if the headset can't be identified

As HiFi doesn't recognize the Pimax as a headset I am not able to access the trackers' callibration.

At the moment I'm using viveMotionCapture_2.js as a crutch but it glitches a lot & gives my friends eye-cancer when I'm afk...