Earlier versions of Interface.exe included a built-in script editor that enabled you to:

* Create, load, and work on simple Client scripts without having to leave Interface.

* Focus on, edit, and restart one script without fumbling through Running Scripts... or having to Reload all content.

* See relevant console.* and print log messages for the focused script in a dedicated console panel.

* Interactively try one-liners and inspect/modify global variables live while the focused script is running.

A few years ago this feature was removed by HiFi for apparent reason of being too "Desktop only."

It was so useful to me, however, that I have maintained a working version as part of my local builds. There has been no

great way to share this with others because it requires forking, patching, and compiling your own Interface.exe from source.

I propose to package this up and contribute it instead as an optional and externally-maintained application extension under the Modkit framework.