Having the ability to change the domain server ports would make it possible to natively run multiple domains on one machine.



HIFI_DOMAIN_SERVER_PORT=40102 <- overwrites the setting on launch


...or arguments passed to program

This would be so amazing! The assignment client already has -a and --server-port, but I cant run two domain servers at the same time on the same machine.


This would also make deploying servers with Docker actually work. There's a terrible bug where incoming UDP traffic cant be received properly within a Docker network (google: docker UDP packet loss). Therefore I want to run my containers on the host using --net=host, but then I can't access each domain server's panel because I need to change those ports.

If this get's fixed, our network of domains for everyone can run 100% stable. We want to give all the users places to spend time with each other and never have connectivity issues.

It would be a step towards making it easier to host multiple domains.

Edit: Here's a thing