I was told to make this canny post after emailing support due to a user stealing my avatar. Avatar theft is too easy, and it doesn't get punished.

I know avatars can easily be stolen via script. I don't know how it works, but I've seen it happen. Many users have had it happen to them. Maybe a more technical user could elaborate in the comments. I uploaded and submitted my avatar through the marketplace, I got it verified, I got myself a certificate. Why did I bother going through all of that?

Also, the rules are not strict enough on avatar theft. The greeters could not ban the person who was proven to have been stealing them (Not attacking the greeters, I know they're just following the rules). It should be clearly against the terms of service to steal someones avatar without their permission.

I'm not a good programmer, I don't know how to fix this. But the other platforms seem to do avatar protection better than Hifi does, so I know that more could be done. This hurts creators, and it hurts High Fidelity when creators don't want to use a platform that can't give their work reasonable protections.